Evan (baka@flash.net)
Thu, 09 Mar 2000 22:32:35 -0600

>Sure, Patton was a great movie for its time but, compared to Saving Private
>Ryan (I'm talking *only* battle sequences here) it is far behind. To be able
>to redo those shots, put tanks in there that looked like Tigers and Shermans,
>have better cinematography in the battles... I'd pay money to see that.

Yeah, but it was made over 20 years later, with probably three times the
budget, shot on 72mm film, and was an action movie at heart. Apples to
oranges, which is Wing to '79.

I still DARE anybody to beat the line "we're going to grease the treads of
our tanks with their guts."

I like the show (Wing) enough, and watch it every day (funny to say that),
but I want the GRIT and nastiness that made the one year war so awesome,
not cops and robbers, good/bad. Sue me... I'm a James Ellroy fan.

I don't think a remake (shot for shot, with Tomino in charge) would be a
bad idea at all... as long as it doesn't turn out like Van Sant's Psycho,
which only reminded us why the first one was so good in the first place.


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