Brett Jensen (
Thu, 09 Mar 2000 19:21:12 -0800

I assume that like Taiwan, It's only legal in Singapore, since they don't
recognize international copyright laws. They are pirate copies. If you want
quality, I'd wait for a Japanese release which may take years, but will
undoubtedly come. If you want a cheap, ugly, (badly) subbed copy of CCA and
don't have any moral hangups over buying pirate copies, get the Singapore DVD.

I read the other day that DVD movie sales effectively doubled last weekend in
Japan, because of the release of Playstation 2! Combine that with the success
that Bandai has had with the 0080, and 0083 DVDs, and I think we'll see more
Gundam on DVD real soon.

---Brett Jensen

Nicholas Paufler wrote:

> I really don't know if these are legit releases or not. He claims they were
> legally released in Singapore, I really don't know.

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