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> If Gundam doesn't change then eventually even the nuts will tire of it.
> I can't listen to two AC/DC albums in a row. Those guys came up with
> literally one idea and rode it into the ground. I love most of their
> stuff, just not all in a row, you know? But, even if Gundam go too
> repetitive I'd still be in for some well-animated battle sequences.

Well, Gundam is changing with Turn A, that's the impression I get from
hearing all the stuff about Turn A. I mean, you can only do the same thing a
certain amount, then it must either change or get boring and stale. I could
be wrong, but I have the feeling that if a new Gundam show is made, it will
be very different from the past Gundam shows. I thought that the idea of the
AC stuff was to make new and fresh?

I was guilty of it too, but no one can really say what excatly a "true"
Gundam show is or what the "true" spirit of Gundam is. Someone said eariler
that Tomino has more affection for the AC stuff, then UC for some reason.
Maybe he has decided its time to reinvent Gundam and maybe Turn A is just the
tip of the iceberg?


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