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Mark Simmons wrote:

> CT Chin writes,
> > The
> > upshot is that these "realistic" mechas can become mystical world-changing
> > Gods, kind of make the whole "super robots" thing looks rather meagre,
> > huh?
> Sure does. I was a little surprised that Turn A is heading in this
> direction, but after the way Tomino pulled everything together at the end of
> Brain Powered, I'll give the man credit and see how he resolves this series.

Well, taking the potential of nanites on their own, how could you *not* have
self-healing, self-replicating everything all over the place? On the
assumption that they will be as powerful as claimed you'd have cars and ships
and TVs and houses all grown out of raw materials, no welds, no seams, no
bolts. You'd have an immune system that could deal with a lunch sandwich of
cyanide and mercury, regrow amputated limbs, etc. Of course it looks like lazy
solution magic in a fictional universe. But the potential is exactly that.
I'm sure people living 100 years ago who were given a story that had
"computers" that were small enough to fit in your hand and would control phones
and cars and planes and everything else would consider it a cop-out to have
that stuff appear everywhere in a story. But, we basically have that now.
I've got people next to me who look like Trek crew members with their cell
phones and palm pilots and pagers and shit hanging off of them. Camcorders, cd
burners, all this consumer products (imagine *that* thought 30 years ago) junk
everywhere that's geeky and cool and convenient, it's great. Uneducated
schmoes can completely produce their own movies, music, art, whatever. One
good EMP from a nuke would paralyze this town, though. One guy downstairs is
part of the SETI at home thing, his screensaver downloads chunks of telescope
data and checks for patterns. 1.8 million users as part of a distributed
network, the biggest one ever, apparently.

If it ain't nanites, it'll be biotech. or virtual hookups for the body.


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