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> You can't really base it on that because you probably don't
> know why the show was cancelled. The show wasn't cancelled
> because of a ratings issue. It was cancelled because the
> network producers at the time were very optimistic towards
> any of Roddenberry's sci-fi ideas, it wasn't like a western
> - then at the time made big ratings. And by the end of the
> second season, CBS had started their own sc-fi series - Lost
> in Space. Now, you mentioned something about good stories
> being repeated - what about Gundam ? I'm a fan... but think
> about it - political campaigns, territorial issues, power
> struggles, etc. Sounds a lot like everything else I've seen
> on the tube to me. If you think about it, doesn't look like
> Gundam will change. So what, you'll still watch because
> your a fan, you want to see what they're doing with a new
> series. You want to see the characters, the artwork, etc.
> Same thing with the "Treks".

  If Gundam doesn't change then eventually even the nuts will tire of it.
  I can't listen to two AC/DC albums in a row. Those guys came up with
  literally one idea and rode it into the ground. I love most of their
  stuff, just not all in a row, you know? But, even if Gundam go too
  repetitive I'd still be in for some well-animated battle sequences.

  Same with me with the spacial scenes, ship designs and battle sequences.

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