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Just to help another speculative thread - I'd really like to ask so we don't
talk on two different planes once more on this - What's your target

I always believed that Gundam should always be accessible to kids and other
newer audiences. In this case, this is the target audience and not us people
who already know what it's all about. If you do a rehash in mind, you'd
definitely have to take into account that taste changes over time. Apart
from graphics and making it look kewl - there are other factors.

Say the character of Amuro Rae. You'd definitely have to rethink about his
origin a bit more now. In the movie, he left to go to a space station with
his dad - not exactly the best place to raise a kid considering that his dad
would probably work a lot of the time. I think this was meant to acknowledge
a macho or "kohai" image so prevalent at the time when existing side-by-side
with Go Nagai. Nowadays, you may have to be a bit more sensitive to kids who
live with seperated or divorced parents - particularly in Japan where this
has been the cause of the upsurge of crime recently as well as police
ineptness. This may not be the best example, but at least give yourselves
time to think about rehashing your fantasies of repackaging Gundam as is.

So, I disagree with the idea that Gundam should be reworked line-for-line.
It just wouldn't be as accessible to a newer audience. (Like the remake of
Psycho) I'd probably rework the episodes a bit more compact like the new 26
episode format done by Evangelion, Nadesico and Cowboy Bebop. I find that's
ideal and making things move faster would help make it less boring - as the
audience nowadays may find the original Gundam a bit too contrived.

Personally, I like the original Gundam. I enjoy it, but sometimes -
something creeps up that makes my hair stand on end plot-wise.


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> There have been a discussion before about re-animating the original gundam
> series. I personally love the original series and can't stop buying all
> related merchandises. Seeing the animations in Char's Counterattack
> playstation game, I see a strong possibility that they could bring the old
> series with today's animation standards. I know there's a risk factor here
> because by re-animating the whole series could ruin the whole atmosphere
> the show. And that consequently could destroy the strong fanbase that
> Sunrise and Bandai worked so hard to preserve. I mean just look at the OYW
> merchandises they pump out each year. OYW series sells big time.
> Take the special editions of the Star Wars trilogy as an example. Not only
> wasn't impressed with the new add-on scenes but it just killed the whole
> star wars feel that I grown to love when I was a kid. And most SW die-hard
> fans that I talked to agree with me. But I do think they could really
> some of the animation like we see in the third movie where they added
> new segments of corebooster and the 2nd guncannon. I mean if it wasn't for
> the information people gave me in this mailing list, I really thought they
> belonged in the original tv series.
> So please feel free to throw in suggestions gundam fans.
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