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Thu, 9 Mar 2000 18:43:22 -0800

>Hi There,
> I am new to the list and was wondering if anyone could answer the
>following question:
>Where can i get hold of subtitled (english) copies of: MS Gundam, 0083,
>08th MS Team, Zeta, & ZZ Gundam on DVD or VCD?

Bandai just started releasing 0083 on DVD in Japan, which has an English
soundtrack in addition to the original Japanese soundtrack. You will need
a DVD player that can play Japanese region discs in order to watch it.
You can order the DVD through




Currently there are no other Gundam series on DVD with English, except for
the bootlegs from Hong Kong, which you can find on eBay easily. A word of
advise: buy these at your own risk. Quality varies and some were made
from poor quality VHS tapes, not even an original LD was used for mastering.
The F91 DVD even comes complete with the "cigarette burns" from the film
print, which is often kept for the VHS releases.

>If you havn't noticed I am more of a UC fan (I got into Gundam in about '85
>when I was in highschool) , and always will be, I would go so far to say
>that I am unimpressed up any of the AC timeline.

The best way to watch these alternate universe shows is to think that they
aren't Gundam shows, but just shows that happened to have Gundam-lookalike
mecha in it. You'll probably enjoy them more that way. But then again,
Tomino's now embracing them, so might as well get with the program.


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