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> This is VERY off topic but i'm really itching to know. What do DieHard
> Trekkies have against Voyager? I don't get it. I watch all the series
> occasionally and since Voyager is the only Trek show thats still going now,
> I'm curious about the reasoning in which some Trekkies have to dislike
> Voyager.

  Well, there is a bigger question. What do Trekkies know, anyway? The original
  series was received so poorly that it was cancelled twice. So, based on that,
  the more poorly a current Trek series does the better it will be later, right?
  Or not. Maybe it's because it has the least connection to Roddenberry? Even a
  good formula can be repeated only so many times? Jeri Ryan refuses to wear a
  bikini on the holodeck? Getting a straight answer from a bunch of guys that
  would consider dressing up in full Klingon battle dress for a convention will be
  difficult to say the least. I recently bought Star Trek III on laserdisc (for
  some reason I avoided buying it) and those old stories and that old, original
  crew are light-years better put together than any of the current 'crews'. No
  guts in the new guys, no charisma. That would be my guess.

  You can't really base it on that because you probably don't know why the show was cancelled. The show wasn't cancelled because of a ratings issue. It was cancelled because the network producers at the time were very optimistic towards any of Roddenberry's sci-fi ideas, it wasn't like a western - then at the time made big ratings. And by the end of the second season, CBS had started their own sc-fi series - Lost in Space. Now, you mentioned something about good stories being repeated - what about Gundam ? I'm a fan... but think about it - political campaigns, territorial issues, power struggles, etc. Sounds a lot like everything else I've seen on the tube to me. If you think about it, doesn't look like Gundam will change. So what, you'll still watch because your a fan, you want to see what they're doing with a new series. You want to see the characters, the artwork, etc. Same thing with the "Treks".

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