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I bought a copy of the CCA DVD, as did a friend of mine..
Not overly impressed, but other than 0083/0080, its among the first UC i've
been able to see, so ... shrug.
A quick run down
- Horrible DVD transfer. Motion lines and jaggies all over the place
- Horrible subtitle font. It's just white text with no black border. White
is fine with a border, yellow is even better ... but in some scenes you
can't read the subtitles because of explosions and such. The only fix I've
found is to turn the brightness all the way down (which improves the look
since it does seem overly bright) since the subtitles stay full white you
can actually read them
- Horrible translation. Not only are MS's referred to as "Mobile Suite's"
(oh crap! Honeymoon Gundam is attacking! Send out the Penthouse Zaku's!)
throughout the whole show, the rest didn't fare much better. The translation
was done by someone without a proper grasp of the english language, to say
the least. You can still understand it, but it's rough. I'm guessing it was
translated by someone translating things literally, word for word, without
trying to reword them so they were gramatically and syntactically correct.
- Whatever they used to subtitle it has serious flaws. It can only do a
single line per screen, and only a single color (White). This means that
when you get two or more people all talking at once, it all runs together
(Yadda yadda. Blah blah. uNF oRT). Even worse, since they can't do multiple
lines on a screen, they sometimes need to compress words to make them fit.
i.e. (pls instead of please).

- Its Gundam
- It's on DVD
- The audio isn't too bad (i'm no audiophile, and I don't have an actual DVD
player, just the DVD rom in my computer. Looks good TV outted with my G400
- The story really does kick a whole lot of ass
- It has Nu Gundam (my alltime favorite Gundam, I might add)
- It has Sazabi (my alltime favorite "bad guy" mobile suit)

That's about it =)
The guy (animevcd on eBay) is a reasonably nice guy to deal with. My DVD got
tangled up in Canada customs and was taking an oddly long time for it to
arrive. He was getting ready to send me out another copy, assuming this one
had been lost, when my copy finally showed up at my door. A friend of mine
in the US got his copy in just over a week.
I really don't know if these are legit releases or not. He claims they were
legally released in Singapore, I really don't know.

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> Hello,
> I noticed on EBay several auctions for Gundam DVDs and VCDs. Are they
> In particular, there are several auctions for a Char's Counterattack DVD
> with English subtitles, but they have hardly any bids. I was thinking of
> bidding, but thought I'd see what others thought. Thanks.
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