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It depends on what your used to. I have a 95678th generation video tape, so
the quality was a huge improvement.
the video is a capture off of a laser disc, so the source is good, but the
compression is only marginal. the subtitling on the other hand is bad, the
translation itself is poor, and the titles themselves are white. with the
predomination of white in the background it makes them difficult to read.
on the plus side you can turn them off, which is a big advantage over many
of the other DVD's on auction right now. So we get back to the original
point. What are you used to, the vid quality is pretty good, and if you have
a script its worth it, if you have a poor copy now , its worth it, if you
have a good VHS copy you should probably pass, if you have nothing, Well
heck, any gundam is better than gundamlessness (is that a word?), but don't
expect much on the translation front.

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I noticed on EBay several auctions for Gundam DVDs and VCDs. Are they okay?
  In particular, there are several auctions for a Char's Counterattack DVD
with English subtitles, but they have hardly any bids. I was thinking of
bidding, but thought I'd see what others thought. Thanks.
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