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> Mark wrote:
> > So, the Turn A Gundam has a special effect called the "Moonbeam Wings."
> > These luminescent wings look like sort of a hybrid between the V2 Gundam's
> > beam drives and the Evangelion's seraphic contraptions. They appear towards
> So, where are these Wings on the Turn A? Do they appear out of the back or
> something? Do they add any to the look of the Turn A? Its doubtful they will,
> > wit, they're a blizzard of disassembler nanomachines manipulated by
> > I-fields. No kidding. Their intended purpose is to break down pollutants

Hmm this is getting very Evangelionish, just replace the DNA/protein
technology with nanotech. Both are "magic dust" with unlimited potential
for growth, self-repair, assimulation, learning, mutation, adaptation. The
upshot is that these "realistic" mechas can become mystical world-changing
Gods, kind of make the whole "super robots" thing looks rather meagre,

Does Tomino has a "beat NGE" obessesion? Seems like everything he's done
since NGE (BP, Garasaki, Turn-A) is competing with NGE in some way.

I am not knocking him, I can understand a lot of artists would look at NGE
and say "that's a pretty cool idea! But it should have been done
better!". If Turn-A is supposed to address the "human destiny" question
like NGE, I wish him all the luck. I honestly think that NGE opened a
great direction for anime, but didn't really deliver the goods.

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