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Kev K wrote:

> There have been a discussion before about re-animating the original gundam
> series. I personally love the original series and can't stop buying all the
> related merchandises. Seeing the animations in Char's Counterattack
> playstation game, I see a strong possibility that they could bring the old
> series with today's animation standards. I know there's a risk factor here
> because by re-animating the whole series could ruin the whole atmosphere of
> the show. And that consequently could destroy the strong fanbase that
> Sunrise and Bandai worked so hard to preserve. I mean just look at the OYW
> merchandises they pump out each year. OYW series sells big time.

If they're willing to basically rebox older model kits under new art, having
almost nothing new to add, as has been the complaints by some, what's to stop
them from finding a way to score with re-releasing the old series with new
animation to appeal to the "Does it look as cool as Ghost In The Shell?"
crowd? I'd do it. Shot for shot, line for line.

> Take the special editions of the Star Wars trilogy as an example. Not only I
> wasn't impressed with the new add-on scenes but it just killed the whole
> star wars feel that I grown to love when I was a kid. And most SW die-hard
> fans that I talked to agree with me. But I do think they could really patch
> some of the animation like we see in the third movie where they added those
> new segments of corebooster and the 2nd guncannon. I mean if it wasn't for
> the information people gave me in this mailing list, I really thought they
> belonged in the original tv series.

It has to be approached from a more fundamental position. If it can be done
"right", what it is, then it will be alright and few people will be pissed
off. The redone deathstar battle at the end of the Star Wars Special Edition
falls under that category - the new footage is consistent with dogfights in
Empire and Jedi, it is consistent with cockpit views out the rear windows of
the X-Wings, etc. If it's done "wrong", either for quick money or boredom or
whatever, no one will like it. The added animation in the Star Wars Special
Edition that included anything with characters (cg stormtroopers on cg
dewbacks, the womprats, etc.) falls under that category - shit. So, too, was
the revisionist history of Greedo shooting at Han first. Not only was the gun
actually aimed into his face, making it impossible physically for him to miss
twice, it destroys the idea that Han starts out as a selfish asshole and then
converts to someone who is willing to help his friends.

So, comparitively the animation in the original TV series stinks. For one, it
was TV so the animation already took a hit on effort and resources. Two,
subsequent Gundam movies and games and such have retroactively added a lot of
detail, both in design and story, that weren't even considered back then.
Sure, Patton was a great movie for its time but, compared to Saving Private
Ryan (I'm talking *only* battle sequences here) it is far behind. To be able
to redo those shots, put tanks in there that looked like Tigers and Shermans,
have better cinematography in the battles... I'd pay money to see that.


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