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> >> Now I feel old. How long have some of you out there
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Well, I have always liked robots and space truth and science fiction ever
since I can remember. I remember being a huge Voltron fan, but very vaguelly
remember Robotech and do not remember Tranzor Z (Mazinger Z) at all. I also
remember He-Man, Thundercats, watched the reruns of Space Ghost, the
Mysterious Cities of Gold, etc.

How got into Gundam is this. I watched Robotech when it was first rerun on
the Sci Fi channel. I boguht issues of Toy Shop looking for Robotech toys.
Also asked around Prodigy (an online service that was around before the
Internet became public.) for Robotech toys. Ran into a person selling Gundam
kits and he told me a little of Gundam and then I bought the old HG Zeta
Gundam kit and my Gundam mania started from there. I got into anime before I
got fully into Gundam. I got into anime by finding out the true history of
Robotech :) Know its a taboo, but fansubs are what got my full interest into

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