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Fri, 10 Mar 2000 01:12:27 GMT

There have been a discussion before about re-animating the original gundam
series. I personally love the original series and can't stop buying all the
related merchandises. Seeing the animations in Char's Counterattack
playstation game, I see a strong possibility that they could bring the old
series with today's animation standards. I know there's a risk factor here
because by re-animating the whole series could ruin the whole atmosphere of
the show. And that consequently could destroy the strong fanbase that
Sunrise and Bandai worked so hard to preserve. I mean just look at the OYW
merchandises they pump out each year. OYW series sells big time.

Take the special editions of the Star Wars trilogy as an example. Not only I
wasn't impressed with the new add-on scenes but it just killed the whole
star wars feel that I grown to love when I was a kid. And most SW die-hard
fans that I talked to agree with me. But I do think they could really patch
some of the animation like we see in the third movie where they added those
new segments of corebooster and the 2nd guncannon. I mean if it wasn't for
the information people gave me in this mailing list, I really thought they
belonged in the original tv series.

So please feel free to throw in suggestions gundam fans.
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