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> I've tried to convince my friends to
> watch the old series but most of them seemed to be unimpressed with the
> animation, rather they rave a lot on Gundam Wing. Unless somehow they
> get people into the old series craze like in Japan and most of the asian
> countries, I don't think we'll ever see them here in North America.

 People like this seem to only look at the age of the animation and not about
the story itself. I know a few people like this. They say something like this
when I've asked them "Oh, I do care about the story, not just the animation"
but then, they won't touch the old stuff and I get the impression, very
clear, that it is the animation and not the story. Which, I think, is a real

  The old American sitcom's seem to be very popular here and they are like
old anime. Goodies, but oldies. But yet, old anime is often times looked down
upon. People can be so... uh... fickle, I guess is the word for it.

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