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>> Now I feel old. How long have some of you out there
>> been following Gundam?
Since I was a kid around the age of 5-7, I watched 0079. I can't remember the
specifics because I was so young, but it kind of stuck in my head a little
>> My first exposure to Gundam was in the early 80's.
>> Eventually it peaked at around Zeta and fell to the
>> wayside for about 10 years. Now that I'm
>> working/married and have Internet access, all my old
>> hobbies in my younger days have come back.

I kinda of forgotten about gundam until I was 11 when I began modelling small
airplanes, but being chinese and all, I went to Chinatown in NYC a lot and
ended up buying quite a few Gundam models at the local "hobby" shops. Later
on, a friend lent me a tape of Gundam Wing telling me how good it was. After
watching it, It reminded me of something but I couldn't put my finger on it,
and the more I watched the more redundant GW seemed then one day I finally
found the original Gundam 0079 recorded on an old video cassette from there on
I slowly bought more and more models, and that led me to the series in which
these models were from. And after finding this Mailing list I sort of became a


>Of course new fans will catch on w/ the airing of
>Wing, they could treat Gundam as another 3-minutes
>wonder like Pikachu or Sailor Moon, but Gundam Wing is
>still Gundam, and should have a deeper impact. I am
>optimistic with Gundam, regardless of series.

Its good that kids have such great series to watch, even if american
censorshiip has became a major roadblock in the development/translation of
many domestic and foriegn animations. Hopefully in the future more of Gundam
would be translated and become as popular here as it is in japan.

- Roger

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