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Only a few stuff I wanna reply to...

From: garrick lee <goner4sure@yahoo.com>

> you really don't think too much of wing fans, do you?

I'm kinda neutral towards them. I respect people who take Wing as a whole
along with the mecha aspects of the anime. I just kinda get irritated by
women (being really into the characters) who ask me if Quattre was gay, when
I really want to talk about is the kewl Maganoc elite guard he has. This
band boy element is kinda weird, imagine if the members of Rage Against the
Machine looked like the Backstreet Boys. That's the feeling I get.

As for guys, kinda neutral. Richie for instance presents me with a whole new
perspective on GWing that I'm beginning to understand the logic of the mecha
more. Others just say that the Deathscythe is the kewlest. -_-;

> what exactly is your point, fed?

That the fans are different from each era. See later after this line from
what I mean.

> homophobia stems from ignorance. and you know what
> they say -- the most violent about it are the most
> likely to be...

Wow. With all that tomahawk bashing you do then you must be...


Gotcha... ^_^

> but g wing IS a rehash of old stuff, even moreso than
> the UC followups -- TOS, to be precise. some would
> say it's a rip-off of 0079. and that's a big reason
> why many oldschool fans despise wing.

True. But it's just one approach. And it was significantly different enough
to look like a different series. I mean Pretty Woman was a retelling of
Pygmalion - but the former is really different from the latter.

> doesn't gundam have enough rennaisance elements to
> give it a fantasy feel?

Not really. I always approached it like the way a kid fascinated by the
World War I era biplanes approached it and not as a true recreation of a
fantasy. Gundam strives to be scientific. That's the main difference. The
magic is coated with all this technical stuff explaining how things work. No
mystery behind the machina.

they all seem to be into
> fencing and so full of the stuff of dukedoms and noble
> kingdoms and outerspace chivalry.

Yup. But so did the romantic version of aerial dogfighting in World War I. I
mean you had the Red Baron and an almost equally royal Rickenbacker on the
other side.

> yes, fed -- a *chance*. but there's also a chance
> that these newcomers might get into the old stuff.
> like me.

Yup. That's why I put the term *chance* there. I just didn't want people to
get the illusion that when they welcome these people, it's not necessarily
what they'd expect.

> > True. *sigh* tis our fate as UC fans.
> aaaaaa, where does this kind of elitism get the entire
> fandom?

It happens in Star Wars. It happens in X-Men. It happens in Batman. It
happens here.

Once upon a time, Jack Kirby created a new series after his stint with the
Fantastic Four. Many of his fans hated it, despised it and considered it his
worst work ever.

Nowadays, the New Gods is considered to be his finest work. Within it
contains some characters who have enriched the DC Universe. Darkseid, Orion,
Mister Miracle are all major players there and are faves of comic book fans

I dunno how Zeta Gundam was treated when it came out. But I bet there were
fans there who complained about the lack of Amuro Rae as a hero of the
series. I know a lot were disappointed with the approaches of ZZ and Wing.
But from the way I see people on this list talk, I think ZZ has been
forgiven a bit. I think it's safe to say that Wing will soften up people to
it, like how I am being softened up to it now. I mean, Filipino girls
watched the 8th MS team after Endless Waltz and are starting to be open to
the rest of the saga more. So who knows?


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