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Master Asia wrote:

> This is VERY off topic but i'm really itching to know. What do DieHard
> Trekkies have against Voyager? I don't get it. I watch all the series
> occasionally and since Voyager is the only Trek show thats still going now,
> I'm curious about the reasoning in which some Trekkies have to dislike
> Voyager.

Well, there is a bigger question. What do Trekkies know, anyway? The original
series was received so poorly that it was cancelled twice. So, based on that,
the more poorly a current Trek series does the better it will be later, right?
Or not. Maybe it's because it has the least connection to Roddenberry? Even a
good formula can be repeated only so many times? Jeri Ryan refuses to wear a
bikini on the holodeck? Getting a straight answer from a bunch of guys that
would consider dressing up in full Klingon battle dress for a convention will be
difficult to say the least. I recently bought Star Trek III on laserdisc (for
some reason I avoided buying it) and those old stories and that old, original
crew are light-years better put together than any of the current 'crews'. No
guts in the new guys, no charisma. That would be my guess.


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