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Aaron writes,

> Please tell more, I'd like do hear what your suspicions.

  Well, I already threw out my wild-ass guess in an earlier message, so I'll
leave the speculation alone for now. But I can't resist sharing a couple of
details about the Turn A's documented capabilities...

  First, and least spoilerishly, the Turn A is effectively hollow. Like the
Sumo, it uses an "I-field Beam Drive" (IFBD) system, which means that its
internal articulation is governed by a web of I-fields rather than by
cumbersome hydraulics. Aside from the generator, cockpit, and propulsion
systems, the mobile suit's interior is pretty much empty space. That's how
come the Turn A can devote its chest to weapon racks, and its legs to
internal thrusters. Owners of the 1/100 Sumo kit will note that it, too, has
a hollow chest and legs.

  Now, a spoiler from the later episodes. I think some buffer space is

  Keep going!

  Okay, that should do it.

  So, the Turn A Gundam has a special effect called the "Moonbeam Wings."
These luminescent wings look like sort of a hybrid between the V2 Gundam's
beam drives and the Evangelion's seraphic contraptions. They appear towards
the end of the series, but it's not until the last few episodes that we
finally find out what they are... wit, they're a blizzard of disassembler nanomachines manipulated by
I-fields. No kidding. Their intended purpose is to break down pollutants and
contaminants - yes, just like in G Gundam - but they can potentially be used
for purely destructive ends as well. Those of you who've read Battle Angel
Alita will be conversant with the potential of assembler and disassembler
nanomachines, and will surely shudder accordingly!

  It's been previously established that the Turn A, like the Wadom and other
advanced mobile suits, has a covering of protective "nanoskin" -
self-reconstructing assembler 'bots, which form a regenerative defensive
layer. (And also have to be trimmed back every now and then when they grow
over a cockpit hatch or sensor.) But this is a whole other order of
nanopower, which really does pick up where G Gundam left off...

-- Mark

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