Thu, 9 Mar 2000 19:05:55 EST

   Hmmm, it was working earlier, but it seems to not work now.

<< Taken from Scott T. Hards posting to rec.arts.anime.models:

**On Sunday, March 5, HobbyLink Japan relocated its web site to a dedicated
server machine at new facilities in the U.S. Although our domain name
(www.hlj.com) remains unchanged, it will take a few days for the new IP
address of our web site to be distributed to all the Internet domain name
servers around the world. If you are having trouble accesing our web
site, this is almost undoubtedly the reason. You can access our pages by
typing in the IP address of our new server directly. In the address line
of your browser, just enter "" and this will take you
there. Thanks for your patience!

Scott T. Hards
HobbyLink Japan (hlj.com)**

Aaron's comments:

It works fine. The site loads and works.

Aaron >>

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