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> Mark,
> Now I feel old. How long have some of you out there been following Gundam?
> My first exposure to Gundam was in the early 80's. Eventually it peaked at
> around Zeta and fell to the wayside for about 10 years. Now that I'm
> working/married and have Internet access, all my old hobbies in my younger
> days have come back. My wife even gave me the boxed set of series II of
> Star Blazers for my b-day after seeing me pull out the old Beta max and all
> the old anime that I had accumulated like Zeta, 0079 and Macross (aren't I
> lucky)
> Now that Anime is becoming mainstream all my little nephews and nieces are
> into DragonBall, SailorMoon and the teens are into the Gundam video games
> and Ninja Scroll. A new generation of anime fans
> Wow how time flies. Can you guess that I'm in my early 30's and still
> building models, watching cartoons and playing videogames.

    You the man. When I'm that old, I hope to keep all my current hobbies.
Anime, modeling, gaming, etc.. And I hope my wife supports me. ^_^


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