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Garrick Lee writes,

> a bit off the side, but i think the problem with
> "devil gundam" (and the rest of g gundam series) is
> that it's almost deliberately misleading. the machine
> was meant as earth's savior, yet it was named "devil
> gundam" from the start

  Hee hee - reminds me of "Legend of the Overfiend," which I first saw in an
art-house theatre filled with unsuspecting dilettantes who expected to see
the next Akira. (This was back when the public perception was that
anime=art, before Overfiend and the ensuing cavalcade of smut flipped that
perception on its head.) I fondly recall Julie and I being the only ones
laughing amid the stunned silence, and responding to the hero's inept "Why
are you crying, Akemi?" by hollering "Because I paid seven bucks to see

  Anyway, the Japanese version of that classic smutfest labeled the great
beast as "chojin" - i.e. "Superman" - rather than "Overfiend." In the
English version, it's kinda funny how the entire cast are rapturously
awaiting the coming of a great saviour who will unite all the worlds in
peace and harmony. "A great hero will arise to save us all... and we call
him... the OVERFIEND!"

  Har har. :-)

  Anyway, in the case of G Gundam, the irony is intentional...

  Spoiler space!

  In one of those wonderful Imagawa plot twists, the mobile suit in question
was originally created as the "Ultimate Gundam," a nanotech magic box to
heal a planet ravaged by decades of war and Gundam Fighting. After the Neo
Japanese military tried to seize it, to use it as a weapon in these selfsame
wars, they branded it the "Devil Gundam" and convinced our hero that it was
an evil monster.

  Remember, this is the director who gave us Giant Robo and Change! Getta
Robo (well, the first couple episodes at least). Imagawa _never_ plays his
plot cards like you'd expect.

-- Mark

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