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Enriquez, Eric wrote:

> Now I feel old. How long have some of you out there been following Gundam?

Now I feel a bit younger. ^_^ I'll be 28 on the 27th BTW.

Unfortunately being raised in Missouri, (quite possibly the worst state to be
an anime fan in) I didn't get to see any "Pure" anime in the 80s. I'm one of
those BOTP---Tranzor Z---Voltron---Robotech era fans. I was lucky to be able to
receive these shows broadcast from a UHF station 100 miles away in Kansas City!

I first read about Gundam in an early issue of Protoculture addicts. (their
first non Robotech issue I think) I was very keen to see it since I've always
loved giant robots.

The first time I saw Gundam was at Animecon 91 (precursor to Anime Expo for you
Young-uns) It was Gundam 0080...on the big screen...from an original film
print! I can't even begin to describe the impression that the battle in episode
four had on me in that bigger than life format. I've been a Gundam fan ever

---Brett Jensen

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