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> Now I feel old. How long have some of you out there
> been following Gundam?

I speak for myself only: since 1981 when 0079 TV first
aired on my local TV when I just became a high school
> My first exposure to Gundam was in the early 80's.
> Eventually it peaked at around Zeta and fell to the
> wayside for about 10 years. Now that I'm
> working/married and have Internet access, all my old
> hobbies in my younger days have come back.

There are many fans outthere in the World just like
you and me, so we are not alone :)

> My wife even gave me the boxed set of series II of
> Star Blazers for my b-day after seeing me pull out
> the old Beta max and all the old anime that I had
> accumulated like Zeta, 0079 and Macross (aren't I
> lucky)

I am jealous! :P

> Now that Anime is becoming mainstream all my little
> nephews and nieces are into DragonBall, SailorMoon
> and the teens are into the Gundam video games
> and Ninja Scroll. A new generation of anime fans

Of course new fans will catch on w/ the airing of
Wing, they could treat Gundam as another 3-minutes
wonder like Pikachu or Sailor Moon, but Gundam Wing is
still Gundam, and should have a deeper impact. I am
optimistic with Gundam, regardless of series.
> Wow how time flies. Can you guess that I'm in my
> early 30's and still building models, watching
> cartoons and playing videogames.

This is what make Gundam the legend so endearing. It
will grow on whoever watch it. UC or AU, we will still
cherish Gundam in the future, with an ever growing
fandom across the World who'll share the same view
like we do.

And echoing Mark's earlier comments, I agree that the
recent interest on GW by the new fans have an obvious
benefits on Gundam webmasters like a fresh dose of
energy. So, besides letting new fans know the real
stuff on AU (W, G, X, Turn-A, etc.), we should also do
just as much on UC as before, to let them know Gundam
has a whole lot more to offer. I am thankful that a
six letter word could mean so much to me, and new fans
should deserve the same just as we do, whether is UC
or AU.


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