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>Wow. I was wondering how the Turn A got its speed. In that world where I
>haven't seen a single newtype yet, I was wondering how that thing could move
>so fast and react so well. Could it be? - Amuro Rae lives inside the Turn A
>as a computer program? Richie told me about another possibility - but this
>sounds more likely.

Fed, I forgot the other possibility...The turn A could be really some sort
of coombination of the nanotech seen in GG combined with the newtype
abilities of UC stuff, and then to throw everything else in, might be
equipped with an ALICE like system.

>> >Oh, and one general comment. With the debut of Wing on U.S. television,
>> >our little corner of fandom has the chance for a huge influx of
>> >newcomers. The protestations of UC-bigotry that have been cropping up on
>> >this list are just plain silly. Welcome the newcomers and show them our
>> >ways; I'll lay odds that fans whose first exposure to Gundam is by way
>> >Wing will find lots to like in the rest of the saga.
>> >
>> > For quantification, I note that site traffic on the Gundam Project has
>> >more than tripled since Gundam Wing debuted on Monday. These are the
>> >Gundamaniacs of tomorrow, people. Get with it or get left behind.
>> I second that emotion!
>> -Z-

I got into gundam because of the sentinels...but I really got into wing
because it was a nice hip way to retell what was basically the original iut's okay by my standards. if it will make sure that bandai
will crank out more gundam, then I'm all for it.

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