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Sorry about starting that "I hate Relena" stuff. :P

Although it was mentioned in passing and as a side joke really, (actually
I'm really kinda neutral towards her) and I did mention that I really didn't
like GW. Well, Ms. Peacecraft does have a haters club mainly made up of
women who hate her pairing with Heero Yuy.

BTW, as a side note, what happened to the folk who got into this list
because of Gundam Wing the first time around? I heard the GWML is awash with
women who really don't discuss aspects of Gundam that we do. Some cases they
even trade fanfics laced with yaoi (boy love) elements.

Taking from what Mark said, where will these young people who are just
discovering Gundam from the first time go to? Better us fans who've been
around and know a bit more about what the entire thing is about I guess.
Imagine the shock of a young kid getting on a GWML and seeing a Heero, Duo
and Trowa love triangle unfold - it may just make him a Gundam hater for
life. :)

Or worse yet, in the Philippines - Yu-Yu Hakushu (Poltergeist Report) male
characters Kurama and Hiei had been said to be lovers in the manga version.
Didn't happen actually - but a lot of people accept it as fact and just
something those "weird Japanese" would do in a comic book.

To anyone who may have been offended by this - I'm not a bigot. But I do
acknowledge that there is homophobia out there in the world. I have a
bisexual friend who's a real fan of UC Gundam - and if that's not tolerance,
I don't know what is. Please don't flame me... :)

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From: Mark Simmons <scorpio@best.com>

> Judging from the Turn A comic that's running in Comic BomBom - not
> always the best yardstick, but there you go - this "unification" of all
> the Gundam timelines is fairly vague and sweeping. On the theory that two
> thousand years is plenty of time for a few cycles of progress and
> decline,

and it actually happens. Consider the fall of the Roman Empire and the Dark
Ages that came after it as an example.


> While we're on the subject, I get the definite impression from the
> interviews I've seen that Tomino thinks more highly of the alternate
> universe sequels than of the faithful UC homages, most of which are
> simple rehashes of the original series. Turn A really seems like his
> attempt to avail himself of the same creative freedom that the creators
> of Wing and G Gundam enjoyed...

Who wouldn't? Imagine if you were given creative freedom to do something - I
pesonally wouldn't want to rehash old stuff.

I remember the topic you guys brought up before about how you would make the
next Gundam series. The one place I have yet to see Gundam go into is a
fantasy setting like Escaflowne. Hmm. Imagine the possibilities with Nagano
designing the mecha...


> One last comment on this. Many months ago, a friend relayed a rumor
> from the Japanese side that the Turn A was actually an existing Gundam
> under a new guise. Given the latest revelations about its history (from
> the BomBom serial), I'm developing my own suspicions as to its identity...

Wow. I'd love to hear more of this. What's your guess?

> Oh, and one general comment. With the debut of Wing on U.S. television,
> our little corner of fandom has the chance for a huge influx of
> newcomers.

True, but there is the chance that these fans would be too far off from how
most of us feel about Gundam. I had the same experience with Batman and my
appreciation of the 70s Neal Adams era with all the gothic horror stuff. The
teenage Batman fans just don't get why I like that stuff.

> The protestations of UC-bigotry that have been cropping up on
> this list are just plain silly. Welcome the newcomers and show them our
> ways; I'll lay odds that fans whose first exposure to Gundam is by way of
> Wing will find lots to like in the rest of the saga.

I have doubts about that, especially the women who'll like Gundam for
another reason. ;P

> For quantification, I note that site traffic on the Gundam Project has
> more than tripled since Gundam Wing debuted on Monday. These are the
> Gundamaniacs of tomorrow, people. Get with it or get left behind.

True. *sigh* tis our fate as UC fans.


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