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Dafydd writes, re: the durability of space colonies,

>The equator of the cylinder will be under a terrific amount of
>torque, enough to cause the cylinder to mutate into an egg-like shape over

  Never mind that - what about the mirrors? The tips of those things will
be subjected to about _eight gees_ of artificial gravity, and they just
don't make high-tension cables that strong. These things are really just
fantasy props, and it would be a miracle if they could get them to hold
together for a hundred years, let along a thousand.

>Let me guess. The RX-78-2?

  Nope. Since you've taken the bait, here's my guess as to the true
identity of the Turn A Gundam...

  First, some spoiler space!

  Here's some more, just in case.

  Man, this better be worth it. If Mark's wrong, he'll never hear the end
of it.

  Okay, that's plenty. Here goes with my guess as to the Turn A's
original identity:

  I strongly suspect it's the Devil Gundam.

  Why? Suffice to say that, in the penultimate installment of the Comic
BomBom adaptation, it's revealed that the Turn A is imbued with
nanotechnological powers of almost unlimited scope. It's potentially
capable of resculpting the Earth itself, and may have done just that in
the distant past. Ring a bell?

  Not to mention that the Turn X, its natural antagonist, has a Shining
Finger. (Though the Shining Gundam admittedly didn't split into nine
psycommu-controlled fragments.)

  Of course, it's also highly possible that Tomino is just paying homage
to G Gundam by giving the Turn series similar capabilities. Or perhaps
we'll never really know. Me, I'm equally curious to see what comes next
after the last episode of Turn A airs on March 31...

-- Mark

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