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Paul Fields wrote:
> Well for myself, I'm only interested in stuff from
> U.C. 0001 to 0094 really, giving ZZ the same
> treatment as 0083, and forgetting it ever exists.
> I do the same thing to F91, although I love the
> Gundam F90 and owned and built many of the

I somewhat agree, especially w.r.t. 0083. But I can't agree to...

> And echoing a statement that started this, there
> are Gundam Wing lists for a reason, please take
> all the "Heero is cool" and "Relena sucks" talk
> off of this list, and somewhere, that someone
> "I don't know who", might actually care.

This is the Gundam ML, not UC ML. I haven't seen any AC, and hence don't
like them (yet), but I don't think anyone should try to police what's
discussed on this list. I (and many of the non-American subscribers)
endured a lot of rather surreal OT posts recently without a complaint.

I also hate silly posts like "Relena sucks" but most of the Wing posts in
the last few days has been pretty intelligent.

Now that I am writing a post. I might as well register my skeptism
towards the forced unification of UC and AC. I'll keep an open mind, but
right now I am not thrilled.

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