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Wed, 08 Mar 2000 22:23:58 -0800 wrote:

> The way I feel, I don't like all of Gundam being combined, but if Bandai and
> Tomino(espically Tomino) say its so, then there's nothing anyone can do
> about, no matter their feelings on the issue. I mean, it is Tomino's
> creation, after all.
> Aaron

Well, G, X, and Wing are only loosly based on tomino's creation. so It's
debatable as to wether he has the "moral right" to declare them all one big

As for Bandai: They mess with the timeline all the time. I think canon is
whatever the fans are willing to swallow. Look at "Macross II: Lovers again"
That went from canon to alternate story pretty damn quick! Wether this "Unified
Gundam Theory " holds up or not, will depend on the fans.

---Brett Jensen

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