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Well as a long time UC fan, I'd just like to say that I really like Wing.
Alot of UC fans like wing. When it was airing alot of Them on this list
said it was the best gundam show since Zeta.

Personally, I feel that alot of people don't like wing because it brought
alot of new fans, and different kinds of fans into Gundam. Ditto with
0083. Just cause you don't like them doesn't mean that you should try to
exclude others from talking about them.

I got the same kind of crap from VOTOMS fans in the early 90s when I
discovered it. "Oh, you've only seen Mellowlink (Merowlink), That's not
really votoms."

I don't mean to start a flame war or anything, I'm just throwing in my 2

---Brett Jensen

Paul Fields wrote:

> >In a message dated 3/8/00 10:08:34 PM Mountain Standard Time,
> > writes:
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> > > While that's true, it doesn't really apply anymore, since
> > > Turn A is going to combine all of Gundam into one universe,
> > > so I assume there will no longer be UC and AC. Then, if
> > > that's true, what will UC and AC be? Universal century could
> > > apply, though. So could AC, if its changed to All Century
> > > instead of Alternate Century.
> Well for myself, I'm only interested in stuff from
> U.C. 0001 to 0094 really, giving ZZ the same
> treatment as 0083, and forgetting it ever exists.
> I do the same thing to F91, although I love the
> Gundam F90 and owned and built many of the
> kits.
> So if Turn A says everything is one big happy
> universe, it doesn't matter because all the AC
> stuff happened in a PERIOD of TIME I don't
> give a darn about... Mmmm its almost as easy
> to forget as when it was in an ALTERNATE
> Although I can only speak for myself, I think
> a lot of the UC die hards will consider AC &
> Wing, G-Fight, Gundam X, and Turn A much
> like Highlander fans consider that "other movie"
> that had Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert
> in it. It had the characters, the special effects,
> people who live forever, and carry swords but
> it wasn't "Highlander." All of the AC stuff has
> giant robots, and character struggle, it all sells
> toys for this big Japanese company, but it isn't
> my definition of "Gundam."
> And echoing a statement that started this, there
> are Gundam Wing lists for a reason, please take
> all the "Heero is cool" and "Relena sucks" talk
> off of this list, and somewhere, that someone
> "I don't know who", might actually care.
> Paul
> The UC bigot...
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