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I really wouldn't take that too seriously. I know I'm not. I shudder to think of
G Gundam (Great show but.....) and Gundam X (OK show but, that massive colony
drop is toooo much) existing in the same world as MS Gundam. I can't judge Turn
A yet since I haven't seen any.

I could definately see AC and UC being part of one long thousand year "Forgotten
history" kinda deal though. If so which do you think came first? I'd say AC just
because much of the support technology on earth is less "far out" than in MS
Gundam, IE: Cargo planes look more like Cargo planes than the Gau does.

I wonder... is SD Gundam reconciled as well? ^_-

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> writes:
> > UC == Universal Century, the timeline of the original Mobile Suit Gundam.
> > Gundam Wing takes place in an alternative timeline AC, After Colony.
> While that's true, it doesn't really apply anymore, since Turn A is going to
> combine all of Gundam into one universe, so I assume there will no longer be
> UC and AC. Then, if that's true, what will UC and AC be? Universal century
> could apply, though. So could AC, if its changed to All Century instead of
> Alternate Century.
> Basically my question is, wouldn't they have to come up with a new century
> acronym? I mean this is just speculation on my part, but wouldn't NC work? NC
> could either be New Century or Next Century.
> Aaron
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