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One of the main problems I have with the all century idea that Turn A
promotes is this: If future generations lost the ability to travel into
space and then regained it a number of times, which is what this all seems
to suggest, then shouldn't there be traces of Space Colonies left in space?
I'm not sure how to account for that,

Of course, it IS possielble to intergrate Gundam X and G Gundam into the UC
timeline if you really tried, but I don't think Wing lends itself very

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> > UC == Universal Century, the timeline of the original Mobile Suit
> > Gundam Wing takes place in an alternative timeline AC, After Colony.
> While that's true, it doesn't really apply anymore, since Turn A is going
> combine all of Gundam into one universe, so I assume there will no longer
> UC and AC. Then, if that's true, what will UC and AC be? Universal century
> could apply, though. So could AC, if its changed to All Century instead of
> Alternate Century.
> Basically my question is, wouldn't they have to come up with a new century
> acronym? I mean this is just speculation on my part, but wouldn't NC work?
> could either be New Century or Next Century.
> Aaron
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