Wed, 8 Mar 2000 21:15:06 EST

I think the voices are very good. Even Duo's voice is fine, after hearing him
more. Did anyone notice that they left the Japanese song intact during the
end of todays episode?! This was in the "edited" version.

Now, onto the edits, they seem to be nothing more then editing out the blood,
the few curse words and one or two words like destroy instead of kill.

What gets me, if your a human, who isn't? :) Then you've seen blood. Extreme
gore makes me sick, but the blood in Wing is done to be realstic, which
doesn't bother me. Who hasn't cut their arm or something in an accident, you
know? Everyone gets cut and bleeds in an accident, no matter their age. A lot
of times, blood is used to signify how bad the person is hurt.

All in all, CN/AV did a fanastic job! Never seen it, but I hope Tenchi Muyo
gets the same treatment, even though it will be done by a different company.
Hopefully, this means there's hope for future anime on TV or at least on CN.
CN should make an anime/action cartoon channel named Toonami. It could have
50% anime, 50% action cartoons. Though, I would prefer more anime then
anything else.

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