Robert Ludvig (
Wed, 08 Mar 2000 15:25:53 PST

Eh, Duo's voice actor sounds like he's trying to hard....I thought his voice
in the original japanese was dead on for his character; actually, now that I
think about it, Heero's English Voice Actor or some of those Random OZ
officer's VAs would have been a better fit for Duo's character. I REALLY
wish they would have listened to the original japanese dialogue and tried to
find VAs to match the "tone" of the original VAs. Zechs was my favorite
character from Wing and his English VA just makes me CRINGE. Too bad
Takehito Koyasu doesn't speak perfect English....

>From: "Roland Thigpen" <>
>Subject: [gundam] More on Gundam Wing
>Date: 8 Mar 2000 23:02:54 -0000
>Well, I've noticed a couple more things about Gundam Wing.
>1) The edited versions don't show blood from wounds (at least not from the
>two hits Duo gave Heero), but the uncuts did.
>2) They left Just Communication in Japanese on today's edited version!!!
>BTW, upon review, I do believe Zechs is voiced by the same guy that did
>Vegeta. And I kinda like Duo's voice in the dub. I don't remember what it
>was like in Endless Waltz (the only Wing I had seen prior to this), but it
>seems to match the character's appearance and mannerisms.
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