Duo Maxwell (orewashinigami@hotmail.com)
Wed, 08 Mar 2000 17:22:13 CST

Yo, okay this is my first time writing in... *hmmm* I just wanna say that I
have see enough *loves!* of the Japanese version, and Duo's voice sound's
like a Ninja Turtle on the dub. I am so irritated. Duo's voice is
irritating. Gomen, Roland-san, but I cannot take him sounding like an '80's
street punk (just to avoid any confusion in what I am about to say... I am a
girl...) *Duo (me) glomps Heero* My Heero agrees, ne, Heero? *Heero nods*.
Well, ja.

~Duo Maxwell


"He he *in best falseto* 'Trowa... Trowa nan da ne!!' *best version of
Death's grin* *pokes Quatre, giggles*"

"Ore wa shinigami. Omae o korosu..."
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