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Revised it a tad (it's almost unreadable anyway...must
get more sleep...). Hope that helps...

- Will skip those mundane details like up your tech
and intelligence levels every turn.
- Just some general help...more details with early
turns though.
- I'm trying to recite those details from my half-dead
memory bank (i.e. my brain) so expect some error here
and there (and no guarantee on spelling/grammar as

Fed Disk T1~T20 suggestion:

- T1: Start "Strategy V". Developx2 (as in double the
budget but halfing the development time) SFish (that
"pointy" space fighter unit). Send all of your Side7
force to Lunar2. Assign captains with good "shooting"
stat. (e.g. Tiamen) to Magellan class at LunarII and
the rest to Salamis. These Magellan will be your
"star" units early on. DO NOT ASSIGN high ranking but
crappy officers to any unit as their lousy leadership
stat. will do more harm than good under "area effort"
(high ranking officers have area effect <point the
cursor to their unit and let it still there, his/her
area effect zone will be flashing soon after> and
their "charisma" and "leadership" stat. can affect the
dodge/hit rate as well as morale for units <those w/o
pilots> inside the zone). On the ground, gather all
units on Australia front to Toronto (you may want to
leave one unit in Australia2). Do the same and gather
everything at India (if you don't feel like leaving
Pakistan defenseless, just leave 1~2 units...). Pull
ALL "pilot type" characters ("captain type" should be
used to fill Magellans and if you have a few left,
assign them to earth sphere units), divided them to
two groups and send the better ones to Toronto units.
It will be one uphill battle on Australia continent
later... For defense, just make sure that you have
one U class sub. in each sea area map adjacent to map
in red (perhaps two sub. for the one near Hawaii) and
add a few air (TinCods or FlyManta) units and that
should do. For Europe, reinforce areas near Odessa
(you can't attack Odessa for quite a while). Have
Jaburo, Pakistan, Toronto and Belfast chunk out
FlyManta units (8x4x3 Flymantas).

- T2: Send your Lunar2 force and start attacking map
"space1" or "space2" or "P-America" (just pick one or
two maps, recommend space1->space2->P-America). Use
fighter units as shield and use the big guns of
Magellan. Note that it's best to attack from range2
(i.e 2 hex) with ship units. It's great if you can
clear the enemy units on that map but if you can't
that's OK. The key is to keep the enemy population
low. Focus on enemy unit that can spread m.particles.
 SPREAD YOUR OWN!!. With above 50% concentration you
can keep most of your fighter units intact (probably
need to reinforce that unit just to regenerate its
strength/quantity). On the ground, send your
Australia force to attack Australia1. Since they have
two ace pilots on that map and the COM will keep on
sending reinforcements, it will be your first major
challenge for this part of the game (till LunarII
assault that is). Try to keep your best pilots alive
and SPREAD&SPREAD M.PARTICLE while trying to lure
enemy units into less concentrated hex. Send your
India units (with pilots) to attack...hmm...toward the
maps leading to Peking (two objectives here: 1. to
open a path toward Peking invasion; 2. work your way
heading southeast so you can reinforce your Australia
units). Now send your newborn FlyMantas to reinforce
mainly (see if other spots need reinforcement though)
on Australia then India/asian forces. Production:
Again, produce FlyMantas on all ground bases and a few
SFish (you should have the plan) units on Lunar2.
IMPORTANT! When producing look at your total unit
quantity. Try to keep it less than 190 (200 as max)
or else you will lose those "sample units" (i.e. upon
getting new development plan there will be one "sample
unit" transferred to Jaburo). You start with 130, and
add T1's 32 (4x8 FlyManta units) so it's getting
pretty close to 200 after production in T2. Oh,
developx2 core fighter plan (just devx2 all RX series
plans and I'll skip the "reminder" from now on) too.

- T3 ~ T5...8: On the ground, you should be clearing
Australia, consolidated your Australia and India
forces and spearhead toward Peking. In fact, your
should have occupied Peking. Outside earthsphere, you
should get at least Space1 and build up the morale and
experience for your key Magellan units. Keep at least
5~6 shield units (i.e. those fighter units).

- T8..T12: (again, I might missed the exact turn for
events/plans to surface) The flow is...your should
have 50~60 squads as the main attack force (mostly
FlyManta but a few ground units to occupy defense
points just to keep supply lines open, oh 3+ Medea
transports for m.particles and resupply/repair). Use
this battalion to attack&occupy Peking, reinforce and
reassign if necessary (the key is to keep your key
units <with pilots> in full strength and in high
morale but low fatique) during strategy phase and
immediate move toward the next target (e.g., occupied
Peking -> reinforce units -> occupy Japan -> attack
Hawaii). Under most circumstances, it will take
around two combat turns for you to make contact with
enemy units. Use these turns to regenerate units
abroad Medea class if necessary. For those near-death
units, you can join them with other units of the same
type (e.g., 1xFlyManta unit + 2xFlyManta unit = one
3xFlyManta unit) or if they are air unit, use them as
bait to trap/lure enemies (zone of control and to cut
off their supply line). For area maps with lots of
sea hex, U class units are god-sent...use them as high
speed transports (of your key units), recon. platform,
m.part. dispenser. and artil. support. Later on,
bombard enemies with GunTanks and GunCannons. One
last out for the Zeons force build up
near Lunar2 (forgot at what turn they attacked

- T13 and beyond: Proceed to occupy California (pretty
tough battle) and clear the East Europe and Asian
maps. You should start planning on consolidating
(i.e. to attack maps surrounding Odessa) Europe forces
while working toward Africa maps. Once you got
ProtoType Gundam, mass produce it as long as you can
afford w/o disrupting your tech development. Also, do
your best to clear orbital maps ("P-????") so the
Zeons cannot conduct another drop operation or to
reinforce Odessa (they me...). Since I
disbanded WB team at Lunar2, I went on to finish up
NewYork (Garma and Ramba will be alive anyway...).
See my combat(defense) section for Lunar2 assault.
Oh, you can phase out your mass amount of FlyManta by
using them as shields units for your artil. units like
GunTanks or GunCannons (better than just salvage need cash not resource).

General help:
- ALWAYS keep your intelligence meter to "S".
Sometimes you can steal a few enemy plan and raise
your enemy tech meter.
- be prepared to save&reload to get neutral
factions/military research institate/facilities to
take RESOURCE under "diplomacy" command. When the
"relationship" is stated as "close", look for CAPTIAL
(by save&reload) in return. Each request from neutral
factions ( and reload...) with close ties
can net you 13~14K per faction and you can do a lot
with those... Meanwhile, with strong "tie" your own
military facilities can raise your tech levels
(MS/MA/Basic) or offer you ready-to-go units (e.g.,
Pegasus class) when asked. DO NOT send support to
enemy facilities when they are looking for "Technology
support" as it will raise your enemy's tech meter for
your own tecnologies.
- For those strategy turns that are not combat
intensive, save and reload and make sure that the
neutral factions are asking for resource or when you
can suck capital from them. Who knows, you may even
found some interesting enemy development plans from
time to time...
- Keep save files for at least two turns prior to the
current one (i.e. if you are in T20, have the save
files for T19 and T18). In most cases, stepping back
two turns can save you from most disasters...
- Always keep your capital at around 20~30K when you
end turn.

Combat tips (defense - mainly LunarII assault):
- If you managed to occupy Space1, Space2, and
P-America. It can slow down the Zeon's force for at
least another turn (as in strategy phase). In fact,
just leave one fighter units and have it fly around
the battle map (when enemy's trying to take over
S1,S2, or P-Amer) can delay yet another turn. By that
time, your reinforcement (as in your fierceful
Magellan units) should arrive.
- Always attack with 5+ units on one single
- Aim your guns on m.particle platforms. W/o
m.particle cover, your 6xMagellan attacks can easily
destroy Char and his Zaku.
- When things are really desperate (as in you don't
have S1, S2, and P-America and the Zeon's about to
attack), save and send your Lunar2 force to attack
areas with the highest enemy concentration. In this
game when factions are sent to attack each other's map
simultaneously, you have a slight chance that your
forces will go head on with enemy units on the ENEMY'S
(!) area map. Even better, since both force run into
each other you pretty much have the entire 5 battle
turns to do the killings. Spread and attack until
your force start to wear down, then retreat. The
enemy may enter Lunar2 during the same turn but as
long as you have some high speed units to dance
around, Lunar2 will hold for the first 5 battle turns.
- For the Lunar2 onslaught (after you have tried your
best to weaken the Zeon invasion force), move all of
your units to the furthest defense point from the Zeon
force (even if they are attacking from multiple maps,
stay as one group unless you can afford to have 6+
battle cruisers on each group after splitting and have
around 10 shield units in total). Wait for them to
approach (due to their different movement speeds they
will spread across the map instead of attacking as one
high density group) and arrange your defense
formation: spread m.particles just enough to cover 1~2
hex away from the defense point (with your best
Magellan class unit occupied). Keep those hex
concentration (m.part) to max (Salamis can be handy)
and place shield units onto those frontline grids (now
with close to 100% concentration). Spread m.part. to
other grid as well but make sure that hex with shields
units will be the one that will make contact with
enemy units (at least initially). With some luck each
shield unit may last 1+ turn before being wiped out by
Zeon's guns. If so, reinforce those high
concentration grid with another wave of shields, if
run out, sacrifice your Salamis. DO NOT spread ANY
m.particle to enemies' hex (they should come with no
m.part platform but if they do, destroy them at all
cost). When attack, focus your 6xMagellan classes on
isolated aces (Char's usually come as one unit for
some reason...). Try your best NOT to collapse your
defense formation (i.e. not spreading m.part to enemy
hex, keep those high concentration hex occupied, max.
the number of attacking units, attacks of Magellan
should be in range2...etc.,)
- The key is to keep the enemy population low before
they invade Lunar2.

2~3 strategy phases later (oh if necessary send <if
you have any...doubt that...> reinforcement from Side7
or near by maps), the Zeon forces will be eliminated
with lots of "dead" (for a few turns...) zeon aces.
While mourning for the loss of those brave souls
abroad SFish (not really), EFSF morale is in all time
high (just like at the Magellans!)!! Glory to EFSF!!!
 Afterthought: I wonder how our good old NT General
Revil lost the Battle of Ruum...

Combat tips (attack):
- Place your units with pilot assigned to those with
lower unit number, they are the ones that got front
rows when entering area map (not the first one
- Always place your unit with pilot assigned at the
lower stack, those are the least likely to get aimed
- Always ID the enemy unit before attack. It'll
significantly raise the hit rate.
- If the enemy unit has pilot assigned and in full
strength, or if enemy stack have 2+ plus full strength
squad DO NOT have two or more pilots assign to one
3xFlyManta stacks.
- Though you can capture a map by clearing all enemy
units OR by occupying all defense points, it'll be
easier just to kill them all (usually in 1~2 strategy
phase i.e. 5Tx2). Having said that...still...if you
can attack from all directions for certain map
capturing all defense points may work just
fine...(e.g., during part two).
- When your key unit got stressed out or drained (of
supply), instead of sending it to Medea/defense point
and wait for it to regenerate (can last a few turns),
send that unit to a transport along with another fresh
unit (full strength, low fatique and high morale).
During next (combat) turn have the pilot to aboard the
fresh unit and launch and attack from transport (you
need to position your transport accordingly). By
doing that you only need to waste one combat turn to
bring your best pilots back to the frontline. Btw,
unlike reassigning pilots in strategy phase, swapping
units aboard transport during "movement/combat phase"
won't affect the units' fatique or morale level.
- With 60+% of fatique you are making it easy for the
enemy to murder your units...
- Again, the key is to keep the enemy population low.

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