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I'm in Canada as well, and I split my DVD purchases pretty evenly between (Who have reasonably good prices) and DVDExpress and Reel. I'd
do all my purchases from the US stores, but when you factor in currency
conversion and duty, it usually comes out pretty close. Case in point, when
I ordered the Macross Plus DVD's from DVD express, they were 21$US each,
plus 6$US shipping. That works out to about 70$ canadian. Tack on the 8$
customs fee I had to pay, and its very close to the 82$ canadian it would
have cost me to get it from
However, in this case, Chapters doesn't have Gundam Wing up for preorder, so
go ahead and order it from one of the two big US stores. They're better for
preorders because of the 40% off they have.

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> OK guys,
> Since I live up in Canada, I'd like to know where is the best online place
> to preorder Gundam wing on DVD? I know you could order it from the
> AnimeVillage site but I was wondering if you could get it cheaper at any
> other places.
> Thanks.
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