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>Taking it from Tabby's pov, I wonder how kids would look or interpret Gundam
>Wing then? I mean, the images of Heero sacrificing his body to pilot the
>Wing Zero or the so-called "terrorist acts" they do are powerful ones. Will
>they just simply look at the kewl robots, or draw great insight from the

Like several other Gundam stories, everything I know about Wing is second
hand (I've only seen one episode and Endless Waltz, neither w/translation).
Nonetheless, I've read every plot and episode synopsis I've been able to
come across, and I get the distinct impression that much of the show will
simply go straight over the heads of younger children.

Not that this is a bad thing.

The longevity of several 90's american cartoons, such as Batman and the
once-seemingly endless Gargoyles, is that they did not "write down" to
children. While adult fans discussed the shows, children would watch each
episode for the spectacle, while understanding a little more each time they
saw the episode again. Since I find the plot for Wing hard to follow
myself, and I have an even harder time describing it to others, I suspect
kids will be first impressed by the animation and the robots, and will only
later notice the plot (and the violence it contains). For something to be
gratuitous, it has to lack context, and I don't think concepts like
terrorism or self-sacrifice in Wing will sink in until children start
understanding the plot as a whole.


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