Evan (baka@flash.net)
Wed, 08 Mar 2000 01:51:08 -0600

>I agree that Zechs was really badly done - reminded me of Vegeta, too. I
>think that American (Canadian?) voice actors have it in their heads that
>"bad guys" must sound creepy and shifty. I would have liked a more
>dignified tone to his voice.

I dunno. He's ok... I've always thought he was a third-rate Char anyway.

>Yes, Duo sounds like a surfer dude... but I don't know what the alternative
>would have been. In Japanese, he sounds street-wise and wise-assed at the
>same time due to usage of his speech, but doesn't really have an accent.

Bleh, I grew up with the PENULTIMATE surfer voice... Michaelangelo from
TMNT. He doesn't sound as bad as you say. Remember, he's the one who brings
a more human element, so if his voice is more pedestrian, than so be it.
>Hey, at least he doesn't have a Southern accent. (No offense to
>Southerners! I learned to speak English in Texas and used to have a Texan
>accent :)

God, I was breed, born, raised and living in Texas and I don't have one. In
terms of cultural exchange though, I did teach a Japanese guy the phrase
"no worries."

>I do have a problem with the voice acting, though. Why do American voice
>actors sound SO contrived? I think it's half the reason Disney features and
>Miyazaki dubs "sound" so nice... they use real actors that can act. On
>American TV, you can just listen to the voices and be able to tell if it's a
>"cartoon" or a regular drama. I don't find this with Japanese anime unless
>it's one specifically made for little kids with purposely over-acted voices.

I remember ADV used to just pull people in from around the office...


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