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> So where can i get the the V 100%?

The V books by 100% Newtype are divided into 2
volumes; both of them have been out of print for a
long time and there's no indication they'll be
re-issued in the near future. Your best chance is to
try at your local anime/Japanese book shops which
sells 2nd hand or old stock Gundam references, but
they'll be listed in collector prices.

> I wanted a reference book of it asides from the data
> collection book... but tell me, is the data
> collection books good enough? I've bought a lot of
> the series of gundam on it and it seems that there's

> a lot more missing info about the enemy MS, they're
> always focusing on the gundams...

That's because the Gundams, in most cases, have lots
of weapons, gadgets, devices, etc to cover so you may
have that impression. Mediaworks's "Data Collection"
series actually have that problem as well, with just a
few sentences to cover the mechas and characters, some
paragraphs to explain the plots thoughout the story,
and maybe a couple of interesting essays; If you want
maps, detailed chronicles of the hero's journeys,
something with more perspective, etc., then Data
Collection may be a little short for your expectation,
but if you want basic information for mechas &
characters, Data Collection will do just fine.


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