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Tue, 07 Mar 2000 22:37:27 EST

>From: Brett Jensen <heero@earthlink.net>
>Gundamboy@aol.com wrote:
> > One other minor point. This dates back 5 years, but why in gods name is
> > Relena's last name Dorlan?! The Japanese actors clearly pronounce it
> > as in "Picture of..." I like the 3rd sylable that the "i" adds, sounds
> > dramatic "Door-i-ahn" Anyone else agree w/ me on this miniscule point?
>Isn't the official spelling Darlian? That's what my operation 1 CD says
>anyway. I
>agree the name is definately pronounced Dorian. I think that's how she said
>it in
>the dub.

Darlian does seem to be the official spelling in Japanese books I own...I
could never figure out why, because it's pronounced Dorian with the "o"
lengthened a bit.

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