mirai y (zafikel@hotmail.com)
Tue, 07 Mar 2000 22:29:28 EST

OK, I generally don't like dubs, but they did quite a decent job on gundam
wing. (Not that I'm criticizing English - the Japanese dubs of X-Files also
made me cringe...)

I think the translations were quite accurate and well done. A little
verbose, but so was the original Japanese conversations.

I agree that Zechs was really badly done - reminded me of Vegeta, too. I
think that American (Canadian?) voice actors have it in their heads that
"bad guys" must sound creepy and shifty. I would have liked a more
dignified tone to his voice.

Yes, Duo sounds like a surfer dude... but I don't know what the alternative
would have been. In Japanese, he sounds street-wise and wise-assed at the
same time due to usage of his speech, but doesn't really have an accent.
Hey, at least he doesn't have a Southern accent. (No offense to
Southerners! I learned to speak English in Texas and used to have a Texan
accent :)

Heero, Trowa, and Quatre's voices all sound too mature to me but most
Japanese guys have higher pitched voices anyway so it's probably difficult
to find voice actors with high enough voices. Wufei was quite good.
Relena's voice also sounded too mature and deep... would have preferred a
cuter teenager voice.

I do have a problem with the voice acting, though. Why do American voice
actors sound SO contrived? I think it's half the reason Disney features and
Miyazaki dubs "sound" so nice... they use real actors that can act. On
American TV, you can just listen to the voices and be able to tell if it's a
"cartoon" or a regular drama. I don't find this with Japanese anime unless
it's one specifically made for little kids with purposely over-acted voices.

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