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Neil Baumgardner wrote:

> Edward Ju wrote:
> > Besides 0083, they
> > are also missing ZZ, V, and Wing. While Wing might still be in print, ZZ and
> > V are long gone.
> They seem to be re-releasing all the others, why not 0083, and I guess ZZ? As for V,
> I know of at least one place where they have it in stock, though I guess they could
> just be old ones.

So where can i get the the V 100%? I wanted a reference book of it asides from the data
collection book...
but tell me, is the data collection books good enough? I've bought a lot of the series
of gundam on it and it seems that there's a lot more missing info about the enemy MS,
they're always focusing on the gundams...

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