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March issue of Model Graphix is "Steel, Silk and the World of Turn-A".
There's a 6-pages interview with Tomino. Could some kind Japanese reader
give a little summary? Anywhere between 10 to 5000 words would be much
appreciated :)

In particular, did he explain his intention to unite the 4 (1 UC and 3
AC's) timelines?

For model folks, there's a Mr. Hasashi (sp?) who converted the 1/100
Turn-A into a softer version. I supposs it's meant to be more like the
cartoon and less like a military machine. It has kind of anti-Katoki
styling and has the white cross marking on the chest, a bit like the
original Syd Mead concept art (the one that we all hated so much). There
are also some original models of several Turn-A characters.

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