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Ooops, let me make it clearer, I prefer 1/100's overall. I don't care for the small stuff - keep cuttin' myself.

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> I'm with them and then some. I'm not too crazy about 1/144's.

  I personally love 1/220 scale full action resin kits. The size, for one, is
  perfect for dioramas and table top gaming. Also, the 1/220 scale kits have
  significantly less parts to deal with. I also like the 1/144 scale kits,
  because they match scales with most other kits I use for gaming. I really
  need to put up a picture of my 1/144 scale Nightingale flanked by two 1/220
  scale Gerbera Tetras. They look like two heavy MS's escorting a massive MA


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