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> << > One other point, the first episode in Japan was sans open. The open
> debuted
> > on episode 2. So tomorrow should tell... I'm beting No Two-Mix, sob,
> boo
> > hoo! They are my personal fave Jpop band, but, 5/20 is a comin!
> Are you sure? I'm pretty sure my off air tapes (which are looong gone)
> the
> opening on the first ep. But it's been awhile. I know the LDs do. and
> are in
> stereo, woohoo!
> >>
> Whoops My bad! A friend locally convinced me of this earlier tonight. I
> just checked the tape, yes the same tapes from that fateful trade oh so
> ago, and I stand corrected.
> Gundamboy

So, the opening isn't shown for the first episode on the Japanese ones, then?
Its been awhile since I watched the first episode, but I vaguelly think that
this is correct.


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