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Yeah, Durian is some nasty stuff. My mother is from Indonesia, and
everytime I go home, she begs me to bring some of that stuff back from the
farmers market in Atlanta to the small town she lives in. I absolutely HATE

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> > One other minor point. This dates back 5 years, but why in gods name is
> > Relena's last name Dorlan?! The Japanese actors clearly pronounce it
> > as in "Picture of..." I like the 3rd sylable that the "i" adds, sounds
> > dramatic "Door-i-ahn" Anyone else agree w/ me on this miniscule point?
>Door-i-ahn sounds like Durian - a fruit native to South East Asia. For a
>fruit that tastes so good - it leaves a very pungent smell that gets on
>clothes, your walls, your skin and stays there for half the day. The
>in the outer parts of Bangkok are riddled with it. I think the Singaporeans
>of this list know this smelly fruit as well. Not everyone likes it - hell,
>some natives of SE Asia despise it.
>I think this may have been a factor in considering the name change,
>particularly since one of anime's key audiences are Asian American kids who
>want to watch something close to their roots. I know a lot of Filipinos who
>made similar jokes about Relena's name. :)
> > Bandai never went with this spelling, and I just don't understand why.
> > can't blame the dubbers for this one.
>Well, they gotta sell toys in South East Asia, I guess.
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