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Mon, 06 Mar 2000 23:37:45 PST

>Actully, the "R" sound in japanese is pronounced as a combination of an "R"
>sound and an "L" sound, but more the "L" sound...its hard to explain...its
>not a "D" sound.
>Kudos to the pronunciation fols as well. Heero was pronounced correctly
>the "D" i.e.: "Heedo". I say thee Yay, again!
>My only gripe is that they spelled Mr Ohkawara's name wrong in the
>credits(someone double check me on this). It was spelled Ookawara, I've
>never seen this variation before. I've seen it as Ok... or Ohk..., it
>altogether Ookie(Snap! Snap!) I would think they would get this right, but
>maybe a typo.
>I gotta vote for leaving the Japanese text. Maybe sub it there, but I like
>the original look. Maybe because I have been watching it that way for 5
>One other point, the first episode in Japan was sans open. The open
>on episode 2. So tomorrow should tell... I'm beting No Two-Mix, sob, boo
>hoo! They are my personal fave Jpop band, but, 5/20 is a comin!
>Can't wait til tomorrow!
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