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Hi G-boy! Long time no hear. I doubt you remember me, but we did some tape
trading back in 95. I think it might actually have been my crappy copies of Wing
which I gave you. ^_^ Back then I was which I gave you. ^_^ Back then I was I've pretty much been
off the GML since then. wrote:

> Kudos to the pronunciation fols as well. Heero was pronounced correctly with
> the "D" i.e.: "Heedo". I say thee Yay, again!

The pronunciation is great! I'm so glad I didn't hear the dreaded "GUN DAMN" even

> My only gripe is that they spelled Mr Ohkawara's name wrong in the
> credits(someone double check me on this). It was spelled Ookawara, I've
> never seen this variation before. I've seen it as Ok... or Ohk..., it seems
> altogether Ookie(Snap! Snap!) I would think they would get this right, but
> maybe a typo.

I've seen OO used for a long O sound in Japaese translation before. I'm pretty
sure it's as acceptible romanization as the others you mentioned.

> One other point, the first episode in Japan was sans open. The open debuted
> on episode 2. So tomorrow should tell... I'm beting No Two-Mix, sob, boo
> hoo! They are my personal fave Jpop band, but, 5/20 is a comin!

Are you sure? I'm pretty sure my off air tapes (which are looong gone) had the
opening on the first ep. But it's been awhile. I know the LDs do. and they are in
stereo, woohoo!

---Brett Jensen

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