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Mon, 06 Mar 2000 20:45:22 -0800

Robert Ludvig wrote:

> I didnt think Zechs sounded gay, I thought he sounded like a seedy, shifty,
> evil teenager. He should sound commanding and noble, they put the wrong
> voice with the wrong character. I thought Zechs should have sounded more
> like Trieze did in the dub.

I definately agree with you. Ya know, the guy doing Zechs' voice sounded like
the same guy doing Vegeta in the Dragon ball Z dub. (Hey, it was on before GW!
I don't watch it ...I swear! ^_-) talk about mis-casting.

But Septem sounded like a constipated version of the colonel from the old
streamline "Akira" dub!

---Brett jensen

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